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Mena Tropicals

A full service interior landscaping company focused on maintaining a high level of performance.

With our experience, knowledge and creativity, Mena Tropicals will make your workplace look its best. Beautiful and vibrant plants and flowers will enhance your company’s image, put your clients at ease, and raise employee morale.

Mena Tropicals has the expertise to provide you with the design, installation, and maintenance of plants and flowering plants. Mena Tropicals ensures customer satisfaction.

At Mena Tropicals, we create professional commercial images and settings using live tropical plants. First impressions are important, and a professional plant design will establish your business image as one of success and style. Please contact us at 301-675-4050 or by e-mail at info@menatropicals.com for a free consultation and estimate.

Mena Tropicals

Phone: 301.675.4050

Address: 11140 Rockville Pike, 100-180, Rockville, Maryland 20852

Email: info@menatropicals.com


Mena Tropicals will meet with our consultant to determine your interior landscape needs then we will provide you with a recommendation and estimate.


Our custom designs will reflect your unique image or brand and make a professional and lasting impression on employees and clients.


Our plant design experts offer custom interior plantings to suit your individual needs.


Mena Tropicals combines extensive horticultural experience with courteous and personal customer contact. We respond to your current needs and will plan for your future events.


Containers are the foundation for your entire display, so our plant services and plant rentals include a wide range of container options. They provide astonishing flexibility in our designs and allow us to create a customized look that complements and accentuates your décor, both inside and outside your building.


There is no quicker way to transform your environment and make a positive impact on employees and visitors alike than with indoor office plants and flowers. In fact, we like to think of interior plants as living artwork.